Shu Fen Wen, Ph.D.

Dr. Wen has over twenty years experience of pharmaceutical and biotechnology development. She is currently a consultant for late stage pharmaceutical development.

Dr. Wen was previously Associate Director of Product Development at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals and Amylin Pharmacuticals, where she was responsible for late stage product development. Major responsibilities include 1) qualification of primary container closure systems (including extractable and leachable studies and USP compliance among other issues), 2) product performance assessment of combinational drugs and devices, 3) leading a nasal CMC team to oversee activities in clinical supply, IND submission, and formulation development, and 4) supporting NDA/BLA submission.

Prior to joining AstraZeneca and Amylin, Dr. Wen was a Principle Scientist at Canji (a subsidiary of Merck Co.) where she led a bioanalytical group to support cancer therapy using a gene delivery approach.

Dr. Wen earned her Ph.D. in Molecular Biochemistry from the University of Azabu University in Kanagawa Japan. She is a licensed pharmacist both in Japan and in Taiwan. She is fluent in Japanese and Chinese.​