Ocular Delivery Systems

Unmet Need in Retinal Disease Delivery Systems:

There is a tremendous unmet medical need in delivery systems for protein therapies for back of the eye diseases such as macular degeneration and associated conditions

A multitude of new protein therapies are being developed for retinal diseases

The current standard of care is a monthly injection into the back of the eye by an ophthalmologist specializing in retinal disease (e.g. Lucentis, Eylea)

Desired product profile:

A single injection containing a protein formulation or composition that sustains vitreous drug concentrations for 6 months

Drug is released from the delivery system as the intact protein in its native state

The volume of injection is 50 microliters from a 29 to 31 guage needle

The formulation or composition is not toxic to the eye and does not cause inflammation

The formulation remains intact and does not float into or obscure the visual axis