Bill Van Antwerp

Bill Van Antwerp was the first chemist and one of the first scientists to join Minimed in 1985, after several years of successful consulting for them. He has over thirty years of experience in device, diagnostics, and delivery system development. The original product goal at MiniMed was to develop stable insulin for implantable pumps and the pumps went into clinical trials in 1992. While at Minimed, Bill was involved in developing the first FDA approved continuous glucose monitor and in pioneering continuous protein drug delivery for a variety of disease states. This work has led to successful NDA labeling of one drug and several drugs are now in late stage clinical trials.

During this time, Bill developed a core group of protein analytical science and protein biophysics at Minimed. Since being acquired by Medtronic in 2001, Bill has been elected to the Bakken Society, Medtronic’s highest technical achievement and has been active in corporate strategic development of biotech and drug delivery therapies.

Mr. Van Antwerp has a B.S. from Rutgers University and an M.S. from SUNY