4P Therapeutics, LLC

4P works with partners to develop transdermal products that deliver water soluble small molecule drugs and macromolecules including biologics that cannot be delivered by conventional transdermal means.

4P has world-leading experience in the novel transdermal area.  This experience is leveraged to determine the appropriate transdermal technology for a particular drug candidate. 4P selects a proprietary technology (microneedle, thermal ablation, etc.) for product development based on the physicochemical properties, dose, and pharmacokinetic profile of the drug or biologic being delivered.

4P Therapeutics is vertically integrated with in-house capabilities to carry out product development from preclinical feasibility assessment through formulation development, bio-analytical/analytical development, clinical manufacturing and regulatory submissions to initial proof-of-concept Phase 1 clinical trials. In addition, 4P can develop and execute complex Phase 1 and 2 trials, conduct CMC development activities, and support technology transfer and manufacturing scale-up for Phase 3.