Scientific Directors

Lawrence D’Souza, Ph.D.
Chemical Synthesis Development and Formulation

Franco Ferrari, Ph.D.
GMP Operations and Manufacturing

Laxma Reddy, Ph.D.
Formulation, Small Molecules, Biologics

Organic chemist with discovery and early development experience in small molecule, peptide, and protein synthesis route development and manufacturing, peptide and protein conjugation, salt selection, preformulation and formulation, discovery SAR leader

Dr. Ferrari has over 30 years of experience in quality system regulations, biochemical engineering, molecular biology, and facility management. Additionally, he has a proven track record of innovative scientific achievements including preclinical and pilot clinical product development

Biochemist, protein chemist, and pharmaceutical development scientist with more than 20 years of experience in research, drug discovery and pre-clinical development, and sustained-release drug delivery product development


Rebecca Bader

Andrew Cerro
Senior Associate Scientist

Luca Ferrari
Associate Scientist

Katrina Penticoff
Associate Scientist

Stephanie Richardson
Associate Scientist

Amber Senese
Associate Scientist


Matthew Duffy
Marketing and Communications

Christine Lucus
Accounting & Human Resources

Alex Clark
Business Development


Ryan Lamkin
Laboratory Intern

Claire Rhodes
Marketing Intern

We are currently looking for interns for late summer/fall 2020. Send resumes to


Will Levandowski
Former Associate Scientist

“Having received an undergraduate degree in 2014, the position at Drug Delivery Experts was the perfect opportunity to further develop my career as a scientist. From the fast-paced nature of the business, I was constantly exposed to new classes of drug molecules, each with unique formulation challenges to overcome. I often thought of it as a continuation of my education.

In addition to the science being done, the tight knit and collaborative community at Drug Delivery Experts is something special. The directors all bring diverse scientific backgrounds to the company and are approachable and willing to help in any way possible. This culture allowed me to understand the industry, push myself to succeed in my role and always have the desire to learn more.”

Nick Wu
Former Laboratory Intern

“DDE has been a wonderful setting for my internships these past two summers. Right from when I started, I had the opportunity to contribute to projects with the chemistry team while expanding my understanding of how companies operate in the biotech industry.

I believe that DDE has helped me to improve in my both my laboratory research skills and interpersonal skills. With daily interactions with my managers and other company employees, I became more confident in my ability to explain my experiments and to understand the science behind each project.

Everyone at DDE was incredibly supportive, frequently encouraging me as I determined my next steps in my education and career.”

Luke Remley
Former Operations Manager

“Working for DDE was an amazing experience. I joined in 2014 and was able to participate in the growth of the company from 6 people to over 30. The culture and people created an environment where I was not only encouraged to learn but also challenge myself. I cannot speak highly enough about the guidance and level of support I received from all members of the staff. The relationships I built while in the company were instrumental in developing my career and in making my decision to pursue an MBA at the University of Southern California. DDE truly cares about it’s employees and provides them with all of the necessary skills to succeed.”


Alyssa Rodriguez
Former Associate Scientist

“My experience at DDE exposed me to cutting-edge concepts and research in science and biotechnology. I saw projects go from experiments at the bench to early phase clinical trials. I was fortunate enough to communicate and present research results to international clients every week in a professional manner. I learned first-hand what potential careers are available from research scientist to project director and all the experts necessary to reach FDA approval. Additionally, I was able to gain the positive skills of adaptability and flexibility when working on various projects simultaneously.”