Catherine H. Charles, Ph.D.
Formulation Bioanalysis and Recombinant Protein Production
Molecular and Cell Biologist with expertise in recombinant protein expression and purification, parenteral formulation in vivo testing and cell-based assays. Experienced in efficacy testing of polymer- and lipid-based formulations, protein and peptide therapeutics, and an array of vaccine candidates

Fu Chen, Ph.D.
Analytical Methods Development and Formulation
Material scientist and analytic chemist experienced in analytical methods for small molecules, peptides, proteins, oligonucleotides, polymers, and formulation of nanoparticles, polymers, polymer drug conjugates, liposomes, oligonucleotides

Lawrence D’Souza, Ph.D.
Chemical Synthesis Development and Formulation
Organic chemist with discovery and early development experience in small molecule, peptide, and protein synthesis route development and manufacturing, peptide and protein conjugation, salt selection, preformulation and formulation, discovery SAR leader

Jui-Chen Lin, Ph.D.
Formulation, Drug Product Development, and Aseptic Manufacturing
Chemical engineer with broad formulation and delivery system experience in biodegradable polymer microparticle suspension and gel formulations, lipid, liquid crystal, liposome, oral inhalation suspension formulation, sustained release, co-formulation, CMC lead

Shu Fen Wen, Ph.D.
Late Stage Drug Product Development and Manufacturing
Microbiologist with many years product development experience in device integration, container closure qualification, aqueous solution and microsphere suspension formulations, CMC lead, fluent in Japanese and Chinese



Shawn Anbiah
Associate Scientist

Andrew Cerro
Associate Scientist

Melisa Chavez
Associate Scientist

Cindy Fontanares

Ella Giles
Associate Scientist

Varun Gudi

William Levandowski
Associate Scientist

Ting-An Lim
Associate Scientist

Alex Mo, Ph.D.

Laxma Reddy

Annie Sheobaran

Alisha Simonian
Senior Scientist

Pranee Young


David Chesek
Business Operations Associate

Matt Duffy
Director of Marketing and Communications

Christine Lucus
Accounting & Human Resources Manager

Lauren Quan
Marketing Intern

Amand Srivastava
Business Operations Associate



Luke Remley
Former Operations Manager

“Working for DDE was an amazing experience. I joined in 2014 and was able to participate in the growth of the company from 6 people to over 30. The culture and people created an environment where I was not only encouraged to learn but also challenge myself. I cannot speak highly enough about the guidance and level of support I received from all members of the staff. The relationships I built while in the company were instrumental in developing my career and in making my decision to pursue an MBA at the University of Southern California. DDE truly cares about it’s employees and provides them with all of the necessary skills to succeed.”


Alyssa Rodriguez
Former Associate Scientist

“My experience at DDE exposed me to cutting-edge concepts and research in science and biotechnology. I saw projects go from experiments at the bench to early phase clinical trials. I was fortunate enough to communicate and present research results to international clients every week in a professional manner. I learned first-hand what potential careers are available from research scientist to project director and all the experts necessary to reach FDA approval. Additionally, I was able to gain the positive skills of adaptability and flexibility when working on various projects simultaneously.”