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Welcome to LAII 2020

Our Mission

Long-acting injectables and implants improve the quality of life for patients living with diseases requiring chronic dosing. These life-changing injectables and implants are proven to increase efficacy and enhance patient and dosing compliance.
To meet this growing market need, a large variety of delivery technologies have been developed for all modalities across pharmaceutical products. The knowledge needed to translate from concept to laboratory to actual therapy for these delivery systems is rapidly evolving.
This conference’s goal is to provide attendees with insights into:

  • Clinical applications where long-acting injectable and implants can provide a benefit for the patient
  • Existing and new technologies in development
  • How to use advanced pharmacokinetic modeling in the definition of formulation

And much more…

-- Preliminary Agenda --

Linking Formulation to In Vivo Exposure Profile

STEVE SCHWENDEMAN – University of Michigan

Cage Model to Recover Particle and Correlate to PK

VIERA LUKACOVA – Simulations Plus, Inc.

To Be Announced Soon

DIANE BURGESS – University of Connecticut

Development of IVIVCs for Complex Parenteral Products

Process Engineering

JUKKA RANTANEN – University of Copenhagen

Towards Commercial Scale Production of Quality by Design (QbD) Based Nanomedicine

TOM TICE – Evonik

The APIs of LAIIs


JOYCE HOTZ – AstraZeneca

Scale Up of Bydureon

Devices for Injectable Systems

MARK PRAUSNITZ – Georgia Institute of Technology

Microneedle Device for Long-Acting Contraceptive Hormone

OMID VEISEH – William Marsh Rice University

To Be Announced Soon

Implantable Systems

TEJAL DESAI – University of California, San Francisco

Nanostructured Materials for Long Acting Biologic Delivery

CHARLES W. FLEXNER – Johns Hopkins University

Novel Approaches to HIV Treatment and Prevention using LA Drug Delivery

VED SRIVASTAVA – Intarcia Therapeutics

Research Programs Update


DAVID FRIEND – Daré Bioscience, Inc.

To Be Announced Soon 



Prozor Technology


RAJ PATEL – Titan Pharmaceuticals

Probuphine Product Development

Delivery/Controlled Release

 WIM HENNINK – Utrecht University

Diels-Alder in Situ Forming Hydrogel for Sustained Intraocular Release of Bevacizumab

WIM JISKOOT – Leiden University

Long-Acting Injectables & Implantables: Immunogenicity Concerns

JON POKORSKI – University of California, San Diego

Melt-Processing of Several Protein Candidates



To Develop Long-Acting Complex Dosage Forms of Biologics for the Eye: Opportunities and Challenges


SHENG QI – University of East Anglia

3D printing of personalised long-acting pharmaceutical implants: Conceptual analysis and printing design

KARSTEN MÄDER – Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg

Noninvasive in vitro and in vivo characterization of biodegradable parenteral depot formulations.


Protein Formulations in Silica Particles

Sponsorship Opportunities

LAII offers several sponsorship packages for companies looking for brand exposure, separated into levels such as Platinum, Gold, and Silver.  For more information on sponsorship opportunities please read our LAII 2020 Sponsorship Prospectus or reach out to us:

2020 Planning Committee

Nima Akhavein, GSK
Maria Josè Alonso, USC
Rene Holm, Janssen
Julius Korley, University of Delaware
Jui-Chen Lin, Drug Delivery Experts
Laxma Reddy, Drug Delivery Experts
Chris Rhodes, Drug Delivery Experts
Steve Schwendeman, University of Michigan
An Vermeulen, Janssen
Dennis Lee, Gates Foundation

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