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Process Engineering and Scale-Up for Long-Acting Systems Workshop

Workshop Chairs: Christopher A. Rhodes and René Holm
Moderator: Christopher A. Rhodes

Tony Listro

Technical and Business Executive
Foster Delivery Science
Shape of Innovation: Polymer Materials and Processing Techniques
for Long Term Implantable Dosage Forms

James Arps, Ph.D.

Technical Director
ProMed Pharma
Injection Molded Dosage Forms for Longer-Term Release

Andrew Owen, Ph.D.

Professor & Director of the Centre of Excellence in Long-Acting Therapeutics (CELT)
University of Liverpool
Established and Emerging Long-Acting Technologies and Pharmacological Considerations

Noor Al-Rifai, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist – Drug Product Development
Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson
Process Development and Technology Transfer for Top-Down Production of Nano- and Micro-Suspensions

Christopher A. Rhodes, Ph.D.

President & CEO
Drug Delivery Experts
Particle Processing and PK Outcomes