Core Values

We value our colleagues, our partners, our work.
We hold each other to high standards.


Our daily operating principles are outlined below in our core values.


  • Exceed expectations by persevering and overcoming each pharmaceutical development challenge to create effective and impactful drug delivery solutions
  • Driven by a passion to improve patient health, we are a strong team of dedicated scientists with diverse expertise and extensive experience

Creativity and Innovation

  • Welcome the opportunity to work on cutting-edge technologies that address unmet therapeutic needs
  • Bring a novel approach to drug delivery by leveraging our diverse skill sets and backgrounds to develop inspired solutions to complex scientific problems

Responsibility and Accountability

  • Take responsibility for our actions and words and how they impact each other, our clients, and the community
  • Take ownership of all outcomes by safely performing to the best of our abilities

Integrity and Respect

  • Treat each client project as if it is our own
  • Provide a safe and supportive environment in which all individuals are valued


  • Encourage training and education, and leverage our diverse experiences and expertise by serving as mentors to our colleagues
  • Continuously enhance skills by taking on technically challenging projects
  • Expand abilities to serve partners and clients by acquiring additional, improved capabilities

Collaboration and Communication

  • Emphasize professionalism and teamwork by pooling our expertise with that of our clients to further our commitment to provide quality deliverables
  • Share ideas through active and clear communication to improve our efficiency and effectiveness in advancing innovative technologies


  • DDE Labs is a data-driven company providing quality results with objective interpretations