Support at Every Stage

Our clients include small start up to virtual operations, single technology or molecule companies to mid-sized biotechnology companies, as well as large pharmaceutical companies. We have provided due diligence and technology assessment for license, acquisition, and investment to specialty pharma, pharmaceutical, and venture capital firms.

Drug delivery, device, and technology providers seek our assistance with technology development, partnering strategy, and drug development, leveraging our expertise where they don’t have internal experience, particularly for support in biopharmaceutical development.

We provide strategic direction and direct technical support to virtual and start-up pharmaceutical companies in advisory roles, as technical team members, and as interim management, providing leadership and domain experience to executive management.

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies often look to us to supplement their internal resources for technology development, to serve as independent experts for technology assessment, and to provide support in delivery and device development specialties where they have limited experience.

We serve as technical experts to generic and specialty pharmaceutical companies expanding into biopharmaceuticals and delivery system projects, developing a strategy for development and completing due diligence for acquisition and license.

Venture and private equity firms use our subject matter experts as part of a due diligence team for prospective investments or to provide an overall assessment of the development status and risk associated with a technology asset or company.