Chris Rhodes

Dr. Rhodes is a pharmaceutical technologist with experience in product development of complex formulations and delivery systems including sustained release injectable, pulmonary inhalation aerosol, nasal spray, transdermal patch, and oral formulations for biopharmaceutical products and small molecules. He played a key role in the development of commercial products Byetta, Lusedra, Bydureon, Myalept, and Afrezza and was leader of product development at Amydis Diagnostics, SKS Ocular, Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Guilford Pharmaceuticals, and Mannkind Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Rhodes is President & CEO of Drug Delivery Experts, a company he founded in 2014 to develop biologics delivery systems through contract R&D and in-house programs. Dr. Rhodes has a PhD in physical organic chemistry from UCLA, a BS in chemistry from NYU, and was a Post Doc at Yale University.